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That Nostalgic Neon Glow

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

There is nothing like neon in the fade of a South-Western dusk.

What is brought to life at Radiator Springs in California Adventure is the re-telling of the faded (but present) spirit of a post-War era. A time where neon would light the main drag of Anytown USA, particularly graceful on a warm California night. Cars and people mull the strip, may they be young or old, rich or poor - everyone could enjoy the night air, a burger, a soda, a shake...and ultimately one another's company.

There was an unsaid satisfaction of taking a break from the house and instead to a checkered floor diner looking for the familiar and comforting sounds from the kitchen. The smile of the waitress and lively conversations all around - who could be mad?

I've appreciated #neon - that unique beam of light, the buzz coming off the transformer, the heat coming off of the tube. The chemistry and association of color to gas - it's a striking display of ingenuity and science.

Neon's nobility is the heart of its chemistry - it is the 'noble' gases of neon, argon, xenon and krypton that gave neon that early glow. Neon is extremely rare on Earth, making up a minuscule amount of the overall atmosphere, despite being the fourth most abundant element in the universe.

For those nostalgic, that glow recalls a modern spirit: an ever-present victory over the night with a never-ending palette of color.

Hollywood Boulevard, 1950s - credit unknown

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