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SoCal Surrounding Environs: Outdoor World (Bass Pro Shops)

For those that traverse the 215 on the way to Vegas, you've seen and passed Outdoor World more than a few times. It's the massive lodge-like looking stone structure that hosts multiple stores and a restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga (7777 Victoria Gardens Ln, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739). If you've never stopped, we encourage you to at least do it once!

Not only do they have a comprehensive selection of outdoor, hunting, camping and other gear - but the prices are fantastic. (Always pause on anything marked out on sale - you may not need it today, but...).

The massive store is also outfitted with eye candy - massive indoor aquariums with healthy fish, an indoor stream, dozens of taxidermy specimens of all sizes, an electronic shooting range and a great place to people watch ;).

We've never had time, but we would like to try the 'Islamorada Fish Restaurant' one of these days - which has quite the selection of fish that may be off the beaten path otherwise.

Our favorite part of the visit is always a trip to the sweets and treats area - picking up 'Butt Pucker Hot Sauce', nostalgic candies, or other sundries for the house.

It never disappoints - you will find something you will need. (And, these days, it may be good to stock up on extra supplies for those rainy days.)

(We typically like to pick up chili con carne seasoning kits, old school candies, hot sauce and a Tortuga rum cake...what don't they have?)

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