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Orange Grove Inspiration

For me, the scent of oranges and their sweet blossoms are reminiscent of Spring and promises of warm, new beginnings. Orange County, California was once filled with vast orange groves that scented the air with such a sweet fragrance. It all began in the 1880’s when the county was looking for a way to further promote the area. Prior to that, grape vineyards and other agriculture was what the region was known for. In 1889, the name, Orange County became official and thus began the state’s “second gold rush”. Orange groves comprised a great majority of the land from the late 1880’s until about 1948. After WWII, the land became prized as a good place to start building new communities for the booming population. We still have many homes in the area that have an orange tree or two. The trees are still fragrant with such a sweet aroma come Springtime and they make the best orange juice as well!

Being from Orange County and having quite an affinity for citrus, Orange County Edwards is proud to present our Orange Scented Candle. Orange is known to boost mood and eliminate stress. It can induce a sense of calm, happiness and even spark productivity. Our candle is made with 100% soy wax so it is clean burning, soot free and non-toxic. Liven up any cozy space with a sense of peace and joy with our Orange Scented Candle. Our candles are made by our family, with love and in Orange County, California.

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