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Oceanside Excursion ~ March 2021

We took a much needed jaunt down to Oceanside, North of San Diego. A fun-sized and relaxed community with a quaint stretch of beach, warm sun and inviting waves. Of course, with the current situation, we found the beach delightfully uncrowded, with plenty of room to spread out, soak in some rays and wade in (very cool) waters.

The original construction of the historic Oceanside Pier began 130 years ago. Over the years, due to weather and storms, the pier has been rebuilt and extended with the latest rebuild being completed in 1987. The pier is 1,942 feet long and makes for a splendid spot to people and wave watch. We enjoyed being entertained by some playful dolphins and the fishermen relaxing, taking part in their peaceful sport. (And, yes, unfortunately, Ruby's announced their spot on the end of that pier has come to we snapped some photos and peeked inside one more time.)

There are many places to eat along the beach. If you walk just across the street, there are a ton of shops, places to eat and options for entertainment, which includes a movie theater, all within walking distance. Another spot to take in the sights is the Oceanside Harbor Village that is right on the marina. This beautiful location attracts locals and visitors and is a great place to eat seafood, watch the boats come in, shop, rent a boat and catch a tour for whale watching.

Keep in mind that, during off-season, week-days many shops and restaurants close early - plan accordingly and make sure to jot down a quick hit list of places, just in case.

A relaxing trip (and only an hour away from Orange County) was had by the kids, ranging in age from late teen to young tween, there were surprising, hidden delights of food, examples:

- Try Parlor Donuts, which almost always has a line for dense, 'small batch' donuts and a nice rich coffee.

- We dropped in for a late night taco right before closing at . The carnitas were delicious, and we ate them on the pier, which was a short distance a way.

Oceanside has a lot to offer and a highly recommended week-day, off-season trip if you're local.

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Chill. Relax. It's life.

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