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Learning New, Sweet Skills in a Time of a Pandemic!

This is a time filled with the opportunity to learn new skills and we, in the Edwards’ house, have been taking advantage of this period. Our son, Nicholas, is a self-motivated and curious cook and baker. He recently began making homemade donuts which is fine by the rest of us in the Edwards house. He tried several recipes and has found one that yields light, airy and delicious donuts that can be iced and filled with any favorite addition. Our favorites are chocolate and vanilla glazed with various sprinkles and toppings. Our son also got creative in making a berry glaze made with frozen berries, delicious! Our recent favorite is his orange glazed donut. It is bright and citrusy and made with fresh orange zest and juice. Our Orange County roots keep inspiring new ideas! What new skills or projects have you been wanting to try? What better time than the present!

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