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Hearts Aglow ~ Fullerton's Sparkleball Street

With Old Man Winter drawing near (the 21st), we continue to look for ways to (safely) kindle our hearts with Christmas wonder. Fullerton has a hidden glittery ‘gem’ that you don't have to leave your car to enjoy.

Right after Thanksgiving this quaint neighborhood comes together to decorate dozens of elm trees lining their street with twinkling Sparkleballs. These whimsical decorations adorn Yale Avenue and a couple of the surrounding streets in a lovely neighborhood north of E. Chapman Avenue by Fullerton College. This festive tradition began years ago when Bill Bales Sr., made some Sparkleballs for his neighbor who already had an impressive Christmas lights display. Bill learned to make these homemade decorations before he left Nebraska for the West. The decorative balls are made with clear plastic cups, miniature colored lights and staples.

Mr. Bales’ neighbors quickly took interest and wanted to decorate with these beautiful decorations also. Soon, the neighborhood began having parties to make these decorations throughout the year in anticipation of this yearly Christmas event. The neighbors start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving and the festivities go on until January.

Visitors can view the Winter Wonderland as they drive by in their cars or park and walk throughout the area to truly soak in the sights at a leisurely pace. This a sight to see that will inspire the Christmas spirit, that is much needed at this time! Of course, if you can’t get to Fullerton, we are sure there are comparable ‘gems’ in your area to inspire Christmas cheer!

Stay safe and have a blessed holiday season!

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