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Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort '22 - MERCH!

Althought the official site has 9/2 as the start date for Halloween, decorations and merch have dropped all over Disneyland and California Adventure Parks. Respectively, Main Street or Buena Vista Street are all aglow - from its street-facing windows, to its decked out stores. Everything feels awash in orange pumpkins, flickering candles and all sorts of fantastical Halloween decorations.

Halloween Time at Disneyland Official Site

To help you on your shopping journey this haunted season, here are two galleries to help you preview the merch before you go.

To make my time easier last night, I focused on two different stores, as you know that the seasonal merchandise tends to replicate around the horn.

The first shop was the Disney Showcase, located right off Main Street Square. This shop has evolved so much over the years, especially as the overall retail space has evolved across Main Street.

Disney Showcase had a great selection of the overall Halloween offerings in an easy and clean view, as the shop is designed to be able to see clear across it, shelving is not overly high. There is a lot of wall space, with very clean lay-out of items.

The second shop was Pioneer Mercantile, over at the entrance of Frontierland. What caught our eye were the 'porch' decorations in the front of the store, which had a nostalgic feel. Wood-construted pumpkins smiling at us and beckoning us in to see more.

The Mercantile is great 'browsing' shop, with lots of nooks and crannies, and, unlike Showcase, there are high shelving for a variety of items, but does take time to look around - but hopefully for the best, and a pleasant surprise abounds!


Disneyland Latest Map (a/o August 2022)

Disney California Latest Map (a/o August 2022)




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