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Dogs Aplenty at Huntington Beach!

We are perpetually happy to be right in the middle of dog days of summer, looking for ways to enjoy this season and relax - this includes our two Yorkies (Lily and Leo).

This past weekend we planned a quick trip to the Dog Beach at Huntington Beach, where families enjoy its beautifully well kept beach with members of the furry set.

Leashes are required but according to the website, dogs who are unruly will be removed for being leashless. So we saw most dogs not wearing leashes during our visit. There were a few light skirmishes, but all the pooches were well behaved!

Dogs enjoy both the sand and surf, encountering new friends as you walk along the shore. Our Yorkies were reluctant to move out and stayed close - but others came up to visit with them.

Beach goers were out with their pop up tents, enjoying the day with food, music and both flying discs and balls were being thrown in all directions. It is a flurry of activity - but definitely fun for little ones and the dogs.

Parking at the dog portion of Huntington is limited but it was fairly easy to find a spot as we went in the early evening - a bit of a 'local' trick. Parking is paid by meter so it is very cost friendly. Don’t forget to bring towels for your pouch as they are welcome in the ocean too! An expandable water bowl as well as waste bags will come in handy, however there are water fountains and bags available at the beach. Many great tips can be found at:

The Pacific Ocean is calling you! Get out into salty air, which is good for your sense of well-being, and bring your people and your pups!

Huntington Beach, 20211, Huntington Beach Bike Trail, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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