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Citrus Scents Make Summer Memories

Summer's a time to take a break from hustlin' and calmly wake your mind with the refreshing scents of citrus. While it is the season to be out in the sun with loved ones at the park or beach - there's still no feeling like kicking it back at your place in the evening, putting out a few candles and enjoying the memories of the day.

We look forward to summer every year, and it always feels shorter than it should - why not instill a peaceful vibe and put up those feet for a spell? The warm glow of a candle, with the steady scents of orange or grapefruit make any place you wander into a home. And, wouldn't you know it? We have some scents just to help you do that!

Our Orange Zest is both energizing and calming. Sweet Grapefruit provides a splash of lively accents to evoke tranquility.

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