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Balboa Fun Zone

A couple of weekends ago, we just needed to get the kids out of the house after a week of online school. We often drive along PCH and land at the beach but that is tricky during the Winter months: The ocean is just too tempting for our kids. It was a bit too cool for body surfing so we decided to grab a bite to eat at Balboa Fun Zone.

We got a few huge slices of delicious pizza and gyros from New York Style Pizza and lobster rolls from Balboa Bar-B-Que. We all shared our food enjoyed our lunch out in the breeze of the bay of the Pacific Ocean!

There were many people strolling in the winter sunshine, enjoying the Balboa breeze. The Fun Zone has various forms of entertainment including the Balboa Arcade, Ferris Wheel, Happy Swing and Ocean Motion which is a seated bungee cord that propels its occupant 20 feet into the air, allowing for a shimmering glimpse of the bay. This destination is a treat to partake in. Of course, there is the ferry that takes pedestrians and cars over to the island and is always cool and breezy ride. We did wind up crossing the street over to the beach to take a walk on the pier and there were many people out doing the same.

When you just don't know what to do or where to go, head out to breezy Balboa Fun Zone!

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