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Anaheim's The Ranch 1025 E Ball Rd #101A, Anaheim, CA 92805

With so many unique dining opportunities around the OC, you may want to block out your spots simply based on ambience, along with the food - a 'pairing' of a different sort.

Anaheim's The Ranch has a dark wood warmth to it, from the minute you step in and through-out your visit. Lighting is just right for romance or intimacy. The bar has just enough brightness, but likewise intimate. Even for a night out for one's self - the bar is perfectly laid out to enjoy a quiet drink or to turn for a bit of company. They serve signature cocktails and have a variety of top-shelf whiskeys to savor. (Although I did a good job window shopping.)

The restaurant is the realized dream of Extron President and Owner, Andrew Edwards. (Further explaining why it is on the first floor of the Extron building.) Right next to The Ranch Restaurant is The Ranch Saloon that features local and acclaimed country artists and is a place you can kick up your heels and learn the latest line dances. There are also opportunities to have private parties and events so please look that up at: Menu - Restaurant | THE RANCH.

The Ranch chefs approach their menu seasonally with ingredients farmed by local and regional farmers, ranchers, fishermen, bakers, and artisan cheesemakers. They highlight heralded California wines along with a solid selection from around the world. We appreciate our server's knowledge of where different dishes originate from - he definitely took his time and was well seasoned and experienced.

A big tip before planning a trip to The Ranch is to make your reservations months in advance. This proves especially true for a weekend reservation, a week night reservation may be easier to obtain in a shorter amount of time. (We used the main site, which will take you to OpenTable.)

The food is amazing and worthy of its rating. We chose appetizers from the 'Farm Menu', including a once or twice a year heirloom tomato salad picked fresh from the owner's farm just that morning. Southern California vegetables and fruit, when carefully grown and picked, are not talked about often - but these tomatoes were massive and flavorful - a rare combination for tomatoes these days. The salad was not understated but piled high, topped with blue cheese, thick bacon and a flavorful vinaigrette.

Their take on French Onion Soup ("Five Onion Soup") was a Platonian ideal - deep reduction onion broth, sweet. When savoring the broth, you can taste the Worcestershire (homemade?) and accents of Guinness over your tongue. The Gruyere is generous. You'll almost want to stop between the salad and the soup.

For entrees we enjoyed the Chilean Sea Bass - it was well prepared, buttery, flaky and well seasoned with bite. It was served with a medley of corn, fava beans, Piquillo peppers, zucchini and Spanish chorizo.

The Prime Rib was cooked to perfection, served alongside White Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes.

Didn't really pair drinks, but enjoyed a pre-dinner Hibiki, neat. Then had their signature Lavender Lemon Drop Martini - a well balanced mix of Ketel One Citroen, Triple Sec, fresh lemon juice, sweet lavender infused simple syrup. I've been on a floral kick lately, so this was well received and had two of them.

The Ranch is highly recommended for those seeking well appointed service in warm, comfortable surroundings. It is a gem sitting right in the middle of Anaheim - well worth a discovery!

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