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A Little Corner of OC: Carbon Canyon's Coastal Redwoods

The vast majority of our weekends are a self-imposed challenge for finding budget-friendly ways to stay active and have fun - what better way to get everything we need then in a scenic walk or a nature hike? Orange County has excellent options in doing so - with many out of the way corners to explore.

Last weekend we went exploring Carbon Canyon Regional Park in Brea (North Orange County) - specifically to check out its coastal redwoods. Otherwise, it is a perennial favorite - a large, open park with options for picnics, barbecues, ride bikes, do a little fishing, volleyball or tennis and - our speed - taking a hike!

This Regional Park sits adjacent to the Carbon Canyon Dam and part of its trails run along the dam (which due to weather conditions, typically runs dry). Not sure when it was introduced, but a little 3-acre corner of he Park is home to a grove of 'Coastal Redwoods', providing a unique low impact hike. What is fascinating about meandering underneath their tightly wound canopy, is a refreshingly cool walk on a hot day. They do give off a unique scent that you would only normally find points north.

On the first Saturdays of some months, there is a guided tour through the Redwoods. Also, on a few dates throughout the summer, there will be some family movie nights. Check their website for details of planned activities:

There were many people out taking in the fresh air as they enjoyed their hike. After our 1 hour excursion, we felt relaxed, accomplished because we did something good for our bodies and souls and inspired by nature’s beauty! So go out and explore your town and see what little gems it has to offer!

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